About the project


Need of education in the area related to the project was confirmed in the numerous research works and contacts with Polish and European construction companies, within LdV projects, and were also agreed with Icelandic and Norwegian Partners, who are planning to introduce the prepared courses to their teaching programmes. Manuals, on which the project is based, were created during the LdV project No. 2009-1-PL1-LEO05-05016, pt. ”Common Learning Outcome for European Managers in Construction” finished in 2011.
Operational goal of the project is to facilitate qualifications of construction personnel managing construction infrastructure projects financed by UE. Courses will be recognised by Partners Universities. Partners of the project will assure participation of the construction companies representatives in order to adjust the courses contents and methodology of teaching to their needs. Project, by cooperation of Partners will increase social and economical cohesion of EOG. Real needs of Partners will be satisfied by wider introduction of new distance learning methods. Beneficiaries of the project are as follows: small and medium construction companies personnel (but also personnel from large companies), participating in construction infrastructure projects financed by EU, personnel of central and local administration supervising construction projects.
Blended learning courses will be prepared at EU level, as modern teaching method for construction managers, who got limited time for education. Research works realised at PW from 1998 will be issued for creation of content related contents of the courses. Need for continuous education of construction engineers and managers was confirmed in the LdV project and by contacts with construction companies from PL and EU. It is foreseen to create innovative courses on MOODLE platform in the area of Risk and Value Management in Construction.